Richfeel Reviews: Read actual Customer Experiences before you choose!

There are 100s of questions in the mind when you come across an option like Richfeel Hair Treatment which can change your looks for good. Are these treatments safe? Will your money be safe as an investment in such treatments? Do these treatments actually work? What are the chances that these treatments will not work at all for you ? These questions cause confusion which is totally understandable. In my research I also came across some companies and clinic which claim to be the perfect solution to all scalp and hair problem but they fail to provide desired results.

If you have any queries, I am here to clear your dilemma. I reached out to hundreds if not thousands of users via social media and websites like Quora, Yahoo answers, Blogs etc to bring to you the most authentic Richfeel reviews from the real customers around the country who have opted for their treatments.

Review by Aftaab Surjewala, Pune

“I have seen a lot of friends going through a tough phase where they suffer from hair fall. So when I started to experience it, I did not want to delay the treatment. While looking for a good clinic, I came across a few Richfeel hair treatment reviews. I was impressed with all the positive reviews but I still had some lingering doubts. However, I still went ahead and I am proud of my decision. Not only the experts are well versed with the latest technology, they will not even try to convince you for an expensive treatment if they feel you do not need it. The best service provider that you can trust with blindfolds on!”

Review by Rahul Tyagi, Delhi

“My younger brother was suffering from Alopecia and that too the scarring one. We had tried everything possible from allopathic medicines to homeopathy but nothing worked. Then, one fine day, I saw an ad for Richfeel and tried to convince my brother, but he refused to visit as he was fed up with false promises. I still took him forcefully and today he has completely defeated the problem all thanks to Richfeel. The doctors were helpful and very calm. I would highly recommend their services to everyone.”

Review by Geeta D Raj, Bangalore

“I am a careless person when it comes to hair and scalp care. The result was acute dandruff and hair fall. I went to Richfeel without any hope but they simply turned my life upside down with their treatment. I have curly hair which is not easy to manage but they actually trained me how to take care of the hair and scalp properly. I am really happy with the results and now hair fall has almost stopped. I still have a few follow-ups left but I am sure the final result will be 100% success.”

How does Permanent Hair Transplant work?

The treatments available at Richfeel are both surgical and non-surgical. Depending on the problem and the stage of the problem, the doctor suggests the treatment. Such as, if you are suffering from baldness, the Richfeel experts may suggest surgical hair transplant which is also known as Aesthetic Hair Implants or AHI. It is a revolutionary technique bought in India by Richfeel in association with Ailesbury Hair Clinic of London which is the world’s leading company that introduced the ‘Aesthetic Hair Implants- AHI’ technique.

It is a fairly simple procedure in which the doctor extracts hair from the donor area and implants them on the bald patches. In one sitting, up to 5000 hair can be placed. The healing process is faster and it does not leave any scars. You will be able to dye or shampoo the hair once the recovery period is over.

Review by Vandana Bakshi, Delhi

“I was losing hair and for no apparent reason, at least I thought that. It was getting stressful and worse every day. My husband suggested seeing doctors at Richfeel after consulting with our family doctor. Interestingly, the diagnosis came out to be Trichotillomania and it was no other than myself who was pulling the hair off the roots! Imagine my state of mind after hearing this. But thanks to the doctors at Richfeel, I recovered with some supplements, change in lifestyle and few sessions of therapy. Thanks to Richfeel, my problem was caught and corrected in time.”

Review by Hansika Marwaha, Delhi

Hair fall is a depressing problem and watching your kid suffering from it is horrifying. My little princess was suffering from Alopecia from a long time and we felt helpless most of the time as no doctor in our knowledge was able to get rid of the problem. Richfeel, however, did not disappoint. Within less than a year, not only the hair grew back but the signs of alopecia disappeared completely. Thank you Richfeel!

Review by Deepti Shah, Pune

“What can be more stressful than watching your well-maintained hair fall like dead leaves? I was not able to understand what was causing such serious problem. It came out to be chemical based hair products which I have been using since ages! Richfeel treatments can reverse the effect but it takes time. You cannot expect an overnight miracle. I had to undergo extensive care and had to get rid of every hair product I had. Regular massage and prescribed shampoos along with proper diet helped me to get rid of the problem and Richfeel is the one I would like to thank.”

4 things you must keep in mind before opting for Richfeel hair Treatment

After deciding for the hair treatment, you should make sure that you are aware of a few points about your situation before visiting the Trichologist. Some of the common questions that you should ask yourself are:

  1. Is hair fall really bad that you need professional help?
  2. Are you financially ready to pay for the treatment?
  3. Will you be able to find time from your schedule for the treatment?
  4. Does baldness and hair loss run in your family?

These questions look simple but they will help you in deciding the next course of action.

5 Questions you must ask your Trichologist before starting treatment with Richfeel

After determining your stand about the problem, you should prepare a list of questions which you want to ask your trichologist. Some of the common queries are:

  1. Is your condition treatable?
  2. Do other medical conditions (if any) can cause problems in the treatment?
  3. Which procedure will give the best solution for the problem you have?
  4. How much time may it take for full recovery?
  5. How much will it cost including tests, procedure, supplements, medication, and aftercare?

My opinion:

Increased stress levels, pollution, and unhealthy diet are causing serious damage to the hair. In fact, a large number of people have to deal with hair related problems including hair fall, bald patches, thin and lifeless hair. Dealing with bald patches, hair loss, bad hair health and thinning hair can cause loss of confidence. If you are suffering from these issues you should consider different options available including hair treatment and hair transplant. In some cases when the situation is just at the initial stage, even home remedies work wonders but in later stages, you will need experts in the arena.

Richfeel is not a new name in hair treatment industry. It was founded by two visionaries Dr Apporva Shah and Dr Sonal Shah back in 1986. The duo worked hard to bring latest technologies in hair and scalp treatment to the country. It was started as a salon-based consulting but the founder duo worked mainly on research to bring the best technology to the country. With time, their treatments have gained immense popularity.

Richfeel hair transplant reviews that I read across the internet are mostly positive. Based on most of the Richfeel hair transplant reviews, you are in safe hands. The money that you will invest in the treatments by Richfeel will provide the desired results and will definitely bring a positive difference in your daily life. However, I know it is hard to believe me. Therefore you can read  also check the other Richfeel reviews available over the internet specifically for your condition and the procedure you are going for.

Let my know your experience with Richfeel in the comments below. Feel free to send any questions that you may have.


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