Monday, 3 April 2017

Mr. Punit Pania: Anagrow Hair Treatment

Anagrow Hair Treatment Review by Richfeels

Punit Pania, a marketing professional in the Healthcare industry had no escape from baldness
as it ran in his genes. It had taken away his good night's sleep.
However, Richfeel hair treatment has helped him retain his hair growth.
He says that the staff is cordial and timings are friendly.
He has recommended Richfeel to his friends and family.
Here is what he has to say about Richfeel's treatment :


  1. I was irritated by the baldness in my head.I stopped going out of the house due to this problem.One of my neighbour suggested me Richfeel and said they have positive results.Then i visited the center and took the anagrow hair treatment.I could finally see my hair and i was so so happy. I sincerely thanks richfeel.Now i can go out wherever i want.All thanks to richfeel.

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